KLIN Clean Towels 16 x 16 | 10 Pack


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The KLIN Clean Towels are an affordable, yet effective, solution to the all too common dilemma of finding the perfect duty towel. These towels were put to the test in nearly every manner possible before being made available to our customers. Whether you are scrubbing upholstery, cleaning doors jams, or even performing polish removal, this towel will deliver time and time again.

It can be difficult to find cost effective towels, which don't bleed, lint, or degrade with medium use. After rigorous testing, these towels have proven themselves in nearly every automotive detailing scenario possible, and provide a durability which is generally associated with a much higher premium. 

We use Clean Towels for nearly every general duty task, allowing us to reserve our premium towels for their specified purposes.

KLIN Clean Towels come in Grey 10 packs and measure 16x16 in size 

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