KLIN Plush Plus Towel 16 x 16 | 2 pack


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The KLIN Plush + is an ultra-soft plush buffing towel that features 4-sided ultrasonic cut edges and the highest quality materials used for its construction. This Plush +, the little brother of the Plush + HD, is the ultimate 500 GSM towel. This is a carefully crafted product that is perfect for the removal of polish residue, sealants, and waxes. The Plush + is an effective, yet gentle microfiber, that can even be used on the most delicate of paint systems. We also recommend the Plush + during final wipe downs and rinseless washing.

It is recommended that these towels be hand washed using a non-powder detergent made for microfiber towels (Powdered detergent destroys the pile of microfiber and should never be used). Line dry these towels only, lint from a dryer will be drawn to these towels like a magnet. These towels are very specific for their care and it is important that the very best products be taken care of in the most stringent fashion to ensure longevity. 

KLIN Plush+ are sold in 2 packs only.

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