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Labocosmetica - FLOOR/CARPET BRUSH - 2PH

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Labocosmetica - FLOOR/CARPET BRUSH - 2PH


Guide to Choosing the Right Product:
The brushes' ability to serve as indicators for the next product is one of their greatest innovations. By removing dust and highlighting every stain, they allow for quick inspection and selection between 'Glico' and 'Ductile,' ensuring targeted and uncompromised cleaning.

Exceptional and Durable Design:
The brush bodies are made of evaporated beechwood, a process that enhances the wood's mechanical qualities and increases its durability. Further protected by a paraffin waterproof treatment, the brush body is preserved from liquid absorption and mold formation.

Perfect Synergy in Labocosmetica's 2pH Cycle:
These brushes are the key ingredient that accelerates the cleaning process in Labocosmetica's 2pH cycle. They not only effectively remove dust but also prepare the surface for the next step, making the entire cleaning process faster and more efficient.

  • Ideal for cleaning carpets and car mats with stiffer brass bristles.
  • The body design is made of treated evaporated beechwood for maximum durability.
  • Perfect synergy with Labocosmetica’s 2pH cycle. Deep and gentle cleaning on every surface.
  • Unmatched durability, resistance, and performance.
  • Time-saving and increased cleaning efficiency.




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