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Labocosmetica - NITIDO - Glass Cleaner

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Labocosmetica - NITIDO - Glass Cleaner


Nitido is a revolutionary product, a high clarity glass cleaner. Its advanced formula is designed to significantly improve visual clarity, allowing for more precise and detailed observation through the glass. This improvement in visibility, known as "clarity power," is crucial for road safety. Nitido's innovative clarity power enhances image definition, enabling the human eye to perceive details with greater accuracy. This makes the driving experience safer and more enjoyable, offering a clear and undistorted view of the road.

Nitido, thanks to its Dual Clima Technology, performs optimally in both winter and summer. In cold conditions, it evaporates quickly, while under direct sunlight, its evaporation occurs more slowly, ensuring maximum effectiveness at all times.

The "Anti-Dust Formula" technology prevents dirt and other contaminants, such as dust, from adhering to the surface, maintaining a streak-free finish and a crystal-clear view for longer. This is achieved without streaks or smudges, as Nitido dries quickly and cleanly, leaving a crystal-clear finish. Nitido does not alter existing glass protectants.

Nitido has a viscous gel-like consistency that adheres to the surface for a longer cleaning time compared to other liquid glass products. Thanks to this feature, it works effectively with greater precision, without dripping or creating overspray. Nitido removes various types of impurities, including water stains, dust, dirt, pollen, grease, insect residue, and other surface contaminants, such as residue from electronic cigarettes.

  • Improve visual clarity and sharpness for enhanced driving safety.
  • Viscous formula for precise application, without drips or overspray.
  • High viscosity: allows for smoother cloth gliding (with less effort).
  • Quick and deep action on dirt and grease.
  • Removes water stains and dirt from electronic cigarettes.
  • Maintains consistent evaporation regardless of temperature and external humidity.
  • Ammonia-free.
  • Safe for delicate materials such as Alcantara® and leather.
  • Suitable for all glass surfaces, including tinted windows.
  • Does not alter existing glass protectants.
  • Pleasant and refreshing fragrance.



It can be used under direct sunlight.

  • Spray Nitido on directly on the surface
  • Wipe with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • Thoroughly clean with another dry and clean microfiber cloth until achieving a perfect and dry finish. Use the dry side of the cloth or a second clean cloth to complete the finishing touches.



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