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Protective: how much confusion.There are different types on the market: let’s clarify a bit together:

Waxes, such as carnauba, for exampleThey are easy to apply – They offer good durability, limited washing resistance, excellent gloss, but give a poor protective barrier. In 3 weeks / 1 month – with an average mileage – their properties decay, even faster if we do not carry out specific maintenance washes.

Today, the state of the art is represented by nanoceramic coatings:

Their application is complex and due to the manual skills and necessary equipment they are mainly chosen by professionals, but they provide maximum durability, a high resistance to washing, a good shine, and create the most resistant protective barrier.

Nano ceramic sealants, such as Ceramic Ultra Speed Wax, embody the best of both technologies.

Ceramic Ultra Speed Wax is easy to apply, has a long life, offers excellent resistance to washing, a deep gloss with a wet effect and creates an excellent protective barrier.With Ceramic Ultra Speed Wax we wanted to combine the best features of waxes with the technological advancement brought about by protective nanoceramics: we have obtained a product that is easy and quick to apply, safe on any material. Able to guarantee a high gloss and a deeper, fuller color with a wet effect.



• Sealing spray wax containing super-hydrophobic SiO2 ceramic polymers that bind to the surface creating a self-cleaning protective shield.

• Nano protection coating: it binds instantly to the paint, repelling dirt, water and UV rays, leaving the car cleaner for a longer period of time thanks to its incredible water-repellent properties.

• Versatile: Can be applied on cars, motorcycles, boats or bikes.

• Easy and super fast application: it can be applied in a few minutes.

• Leaves on the paint a wet reflection look and a deep gloss that enhances the body color and makes it smooth to the touch.

• Its performance can last up to 4 months if the car has been previously decontaminated and depending on weather conditions and detergents used.



Concentrated product, do not spray it directly on the bodywork but use a dry and clean microfiber cloth. Make sure that second cloth for the removal is always dry, in order to avoid streaks and halos.



Spray the product directly on a short-haired microfiber cloth, spreading and drying it with another clean and dry long-haired microfiber cloth. “Ceramic Ultra Speed Wax” can be used and reapplied whenever desired, even after washing and drying the car, after a maintenance wash.

To increase the performance of the product we recommend decontaminating the car for allowing greater adhesion of the polymers to the bodywork.



When should I apply CERAMIC ULTRA SPEED WAX?

After decontaminating the surface to be treated, this is an essential step to promote adhesion and maximize the duration of the protection. Depending on the contamination present, you can use Iron Remover and Water Sport Mineral Remover to carry out chemical decontamination and the clay bar for mechanical decontamination. After having polished the vehicle, you can finish the job and protect and seal the surface you have just polished using Ceramic Ultra Speed Wax.


To maintain the protection, alternate Neutral Foam Shampoo (used as a foam for pre-washing and as a shampoo in manual washing) and Ceramic Shampoo dispensed with the foaming technique.

Why should I alternate the two shampoos?

By applying too much of the protective treatment, the surface will be saturated and will not take any further protection. Applying too much does not damage the surface but an excess of product is simply rejected with the risk of creating streaks. Furthermore, it is wasteful as using more products does not add protection, on the contrary, our advice: too little is better than too much.

How many cloths do I need to apply the CERAMIC ULTRA SPEED WAX?

You will always need 2 cloths. Take the first and apply the protective coating, then use the second to remove it and finish the job. Use high quality microfiber cloths such as our Double Face cloth which is without seams or labels that risk scratching the bodywork.



Precaution: P102 Keep out of reach of children.



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