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Interior Cleaner Purifier is a real Interior APC, which can be used in different dilutions:
For ordinary cleaning, we recommend a 1: 3 dilution (1 part of product and 3 parts of water)

Interior Cleaner Purifier has passed the strict international tests of virucidal and bactericidal activity carried out by independent external laboratories accredited to ISO 17025: 2005.



• Interior cleaner, safe, delicate and extremely effective: penetrates dirt and dissolves it without leaving streaks.

• Permanently eliminates difficult mixed dirt such as stains that incorporate organic and inorganic residues: a complex and difficult mix to remove with classic detergents on the market.

• Decontaminating, purifying and anti-odor action: it has passed the strict virucidal tests

• UNI EN 14476 and bactericidal tests

• UNI EN 1276 • UNI EN 13697

• It does not stress the fibers but softens them, revives the colors and does not dehydrate the skin, leaving a homogeneous finish without streaks on plastic materials.

• Ideal for modern cars where there is a combination of different materials such as microfiber leather, aluminum and carbon.

• Odor Stop technology that instantly neutralizes unpleasant odors



Always carefully vacuum the seats and passenger compartment before proceeding with the cleaning phase, in order to avoid annoying marks on fabrics.



To use the product you will need:

  • Microfiber cloths, dry and clean for cleaning.
  • A microfiber cloth, soft and damp, for finishing off.
  • A brush and a soft bristle brush.
  • A graduated bottle to obtain the desired dilution.

Dispense directly and evenly on the surface to be treated and wipe it off with a dry and clean microfiber cloth. In the presence of medium or heavily anchored dirt, spray the product evenly on the surface and work it with a soft bristle brush until foam is formed. Finally, wipe it off with a soft, damp microfiber cloth for removing the product and finally dry the surface with a second clean, dry microfiber cloth.



Extraordinary cleaning or difficult dirt: use the product pure.

Medium dirt cleaning: dilute the product 1: 1 (1 part of product and 1 part of water).

Ordinary cleaning: dilute the product 1: 3 (1 part of product and 3 parts of water).



What should I do before cleaning the interior?

Remove personal items from pockets and storage compartments. Carefully hoover mats, carpets, seats, storage compartments and the boot. Careful hoovering of the surface before treatment removes coarse dirt and limits the presence of dust and organic residues. Removing personal items allows you to reach the entire interior without missing any spots. This will allow a more effective and rapid removal of dirt and ensure full effectiveness of the product.

How can I stop stains or marks appearing when drying?

By hovering thoroughly and applying the product over the entire surface and not only where there is dirt.

How often should I use the product?

The product is so delicate that it can also be used daily for a quick and effective decontaminated action without negatively affecting the surfaces. Depending on the dilution ratio, the product is also perfect when washing the interior, or to remove stubborn dirt or stains, safely and without residue, from all materials.



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