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Maniac Line - BLACK & WRAP SHAMPOO 500ml

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Maniac Line - BLACK & WRAP SHAMPOO 500ml


Cars with dark paint are very elegant but their cleaning requires more care because any small scratch or defect will be much more evident than other colors. Dirt and mineral contaminations, on the other hand, will tend to turn off the color in the case of glossy paint. If, on the other hand, our car has a matte finish, we must know that this is much more porous and encapsulates the dirt more, absorbing the traffic film.

That’s why in these cases we need a specific product like our Black & Wrap Shampoo.



• 2in1: shiny and stain-resistant shampoo in only one product.

• If used periodically, it eliminates that gray look that makes the paint look like black and opaque, restoring its original shine.

• Formula rich in mineral chelating agents which allows to drastically prevent the formation of limescale spots (waterspot) during the drying phase.

• Excellent money saver product thanks to the high dilution ratios up to 1: 300 (1 part of product and 300 parts of water).

• Its formula eliminates the limescale microfilm that forms wash after wash.

• Designed for deep and delicate washing with decontaminating action on black cars, PPF filmed cars or matte finishing cars.

• Delicately and deeply removes even the most persistent dirt.

• Revitalizes and rejuvenates the paint or the protective adhesive film (PPF - Paint Protection Film).

• The high lubricating property creates a slippery surface that allows the glove to slide without the risk of creating mini scratches or swirls.

• Completely safe on any type of nano coating.



Make sure that the vehicle surface is not hot and that the car is in the shade avoiding direct sun. First carry out a prewash with our “Foam Gun Prewash” for removing the coarse dirt on the surface and facilitate the following manual washing phase.

On a particularly dirty or dull surface, pour a few drops on the moistened glove and spread it on the wet vehicle. Rinse the vehicle with high pressure starting from top to bottom and finally proceed with drying using our “Super Dryer” microfiber cloth.



Before using Black & Wrap Shampoo, as always before washing with manual shampoo, we carry out a thorough pre-wash with “Foam Gun Prewash”.

To learn more about this phase, we invite you to watch its dedicated video.

After the pre-wash you can proceed with the manual car wash. We suggest using the two-bucket washing method (one with the shampoo / water solution and the other with clean water only) in combination with a microfibre glove such as our Double Face or a sponge / pad such as our Microfiber Pad. To wash the rims and tires use an additional tool (sponge or glove). To learn more about the double bucket washing technique, we invite you to watch the video dedicated to cleaning accessories.

  • Using the grate in the bucket helps remove dirt and impurities from the glove or sponge by making it settle to the bottom of the bucket.
  • Let's proceed by preparing the water and shampoo solution: dilute 4 caps of the product in 8L of water (1: 300) in a bucket.
  • Now let's proceed with a thorough manual washing, washing one panel at a time, always in the shade, with the vehicle wet and starting from top to bottom.
  • At each panel, rinse the wash sponge or mitt in the bucket containing clean water. Frequently rinsing the glove or sponge because coarse dirt particles remain trapped in the sponge itself and could have an abrasive effect or worse create scratches on the paint, in the following steps.
  • We work one panel at a time, paying attention to the cleanliness of all components, including logos, and details. The high lubricating property creates a slippery surface that allows the glove to slide without the risk of creating mini scratches or swirls.
  • We complete the washing on the whole car without ever letting the shampoo dry on the bodywork.
  • Take some time to complete this operation calmly: performing it carefully, you will get a better result and speed up the washing operation because you will not have to perform further steps to cover forgotten areas or correct mistakes.
  • We rinse the vehicle with high pressure water.

Its formula rich in mineral sequestrants allows to drastically prevent the formation of limestone stains (waterspot) during the drying phase, leaving the surface purified. drying phase we recommend using our ultra-absorbent microfiber cloth “Super Dryer” for quick and effective drying in total safety.

Our advice is to use two Super Dryer drying cloths: one dedicated to the bodywork, another dedicated to glass, in order to leave the latter as dry as possible. You can also use Super Dryer to finish profiles or delicate details. In addition, when you dry the side of the car or the lower parts, fold the drying cloth to prevent it from touching the ground, collecting dirt that could create scratches.
To learn more about the drying technique with Super Dryer, I invite you to watch the video dedicated to washing accessories.

Black & Wrap Shampoo is a real 2 in 1 shampoo: It guarantees washing and deep cleaning in a gentle way and at the same time a decontaminating action, rejuvenating the paint and the adhesive coating film, eliminating dirt, even the most persistent, deeply and delicately.



Hand wash with bucket dilution 1: 300 (dilute 4 caps of product in 8L of water) use a second bucket with clean water to rinse the glove.



Does Black & Wrap Shampoo contain wax?

No. Because it would polish a matte surface. The product guarantees anti-lime scale protection that allows the water to slide quickly off: in a single step, the car will be purified and protected to prevent the formation of lime scale.



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