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Before you start to wash the vehicle, it is important to remove any dirt which may have collected inside the wheel compartment:
ON RIMS particularly, we can find an accumulation of dust from the brakes.

ON THE TIRES there can be a layering of the tire shine which has been previously applied as well as road dirt.

THE WHOLE WHEEL COMPARTMENT often collects road dirt, even
coarse dirt such as mud or typical winter dirt. This is particularly aggressive due to the presence of road salts.

This step is essential not only because it allows us to speed up subsequent operations, but also because, by eliminating coarse dirt, we reduce the risk of damaging the bodywork as it is removed in the subsequent washing phases.



• Effortlessly dissolves winter road dirt and brake dust that deposit on the rims, restoring its original appearance.

• Due to its high detergency capacity it is also suitable for cleaning the suspension section, the tires and the plastic coverings of the wheel arch compartment.

• Is able to remove previously applied polishes, preparing tyres for polishing or dressing.

• It has a specific and balanced acid-free, effective and safe formula.

• Versatile: depending on the type of dirt, it can be used with dilution up to 1:10.

• Sweet and pleasant scent.



Never use on hot surfaces and never let the product dry on the surface. To obtain a lubricated and easy to work foam, the product can also be dispensed in foam mode with our “Nebula Foam” manual pump.



For extraordinary cleaning, on difficult and strongly anchored dirt, use the product diluted up to 1:3 (1 part of product and 3 parts of water).

For winter dirt, dilute the product 1:5 (1 part of product and 5 parts of water).

For summer dirt, dilute the product 1:10 (1 part of product and 10 parts of water). Spray the product on the wheel and tyre surface, leave it to act for about 2-5 minutes and, if necessary, work with a brush until you reach the hidden areas. Rinse well.



1:3 for stubborn dirt

1:5 for winter dirt

1:10 for summer dirt



How often should I use the product?

Every time you wash the car to make wheels cleaning safer and promote the adherence of the new tyre polish.

What are the recommended dilution ratios?

The product is safe even if used diluted 1:1 (one part product and one part water). For optimal use we recommend the following dilutions based on the type of dirt:

1:3 for stubborn dirt

1:5 for winter dirt

1:10 for summer dirt

Can I use the product as a foam?

Yes, you can apply the product directly onto the surface to be treated in foam mode also with our Nebula Foam hand pump.

Is it safe on wheels and tires?

Yes, it is safe of on all types of wheels, even the most delicate ones such as those that are painted black or coated with wraps or in Plastic Dip. It is safe on all types of tyres, as well as conventional tyres, with white bands and off-road tyres with lettering and decals.

Why should we use a brush?

A brush helps to loosen the most stubborn dirt and reach the most hidden places. If you do not have a high-pressure washer, the brush can help remove the most hidden dirt in the interstices of the wheel easily, especially with narrow spokes.



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