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Neutral foam shampoo has an above average foaminess on the market: its foam generated with the foaming technique creates a compact film, which remains adhered to the surfaces. It has an intense and homogeneous lubricating action and encapsulates dirt, facilitating removal during the subsequent rinsing phase without creating halos or streaks.

The great emollient capacities detach all the dirt present, acting in a delicate way.

Its WAX SAFE technology makes it suitable for frequent use because it respects the protection beneath, freeing it from surface dirt that could impair its performance.

Used when washing by hand with a bucket, “Neutral Foam Shampoo” boasts excellent economy of use: it can be diluted up to 1:400 (1 part product to 400 parts water) making it ideal for frequent or maintenance washing.



• 2in1 formula, with neutral pH, ideal for frequent washing:

❶ Hand wash with glove: creates a soft, compact and lubricated foaming film that makes it safe on any type of surface, allowing you to wash the car without the risk of creating swirls or micro-scratches. It respects any type of previously applied protection and has excellent economy thanks to the high dilution ratios up to 1:400 (1 part of product and 400 of water).

❷ Pre-wash with Foam Gun: great emollient capacity, creates an adhesive foam above the market average. Its intense and homogeneous active foam encapsulates dirt, facilitating removal during the following rinsing phase without creating halos or streaks. • Bubble Gum scent.



Make sure that the surfaces of the vehicle are not hot and that the car is in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight. The first step is always the prewash. In the case of heavily embedded dirt, we recommend a prewash with our "Foam Gun Prewash" to remove coarse dirt on the surface to prevent scratches and facilitate the next step of hand washing. We recommend using the two-bucket washing method (one with the shampoo/water solution and the other with clean water only) together with a microfiber mitt such as our "Double Face" or a sponge/pad such as our "Microfiber Pad". For washing rims and tyres, also use an additional sponge or mitt. Using the bucket screen helps to remove dirt and impurities from the mitt or sponge and deposit them at the bottom of the bucket. We recommend washing your car every one or two weeks.



 Pre-wash with Foam Gun: dispense the product previously diluted 1:10 (one part of the product and 10 of water) over the entire vehicle. Wait for the product to act for about 4 minutes until the foam gets thinner, without letting it dry on the bodywork. Rinse the vehicle with high pressure starting from top to bottom, then proceed with manual washing with a bucket.

 Hand wash with bucket: dilute the product 1:400 (3 caps of the product in 10L of water). Use a second bucket with clean water for rinsing the glove. Work starting from the top and always with the wet vehicle, with a soft sponge or a microfiber glove. Wash the entire vehicle without letting the shampoo dry on the bodywork. Finally rinse and proceed with drying phase using our “Super Dryer” microfiber cloth.



When can I use Neutral Foam Shampoo?

Neutral Foam Shampoo is the perfect product for frequent or maintenance washes.

What does maintenance wash mean?

This wash aims to keep your car clean, without damaging the underlying protection. Maintenance washes are generally carried out once a week or once every two weeks after a certain mileage. In this instance, you can use the Neutral Foam Shampoo with a foam gun or by hand.

What if the car has a high mileage or has been exposed to bad weather for a long time?

If your car has been exposed to the elements for more than two weeks or has travelled many kilometers, e.g. when returning from a trip, you may have to remove more stubborn dirt, such as traffic film. Our advice in this case is to use our Foam Gun Prewash for pre-washing and only then move onto the manual washing with Neutral Foam Shampoo.

What should I do if I realize I have forgotten to rinse a part of the car when I am drying it?

Or if it has been in the sun too long and the shampoo has dried? No problem, here is a tip to easily solve the problem without having to rewash the car. Use Exterior Quick Detailer to safely and easily remove any marks or rings. In fact, it can be used as a drying and finishing aid after washing.

What can I do if I want to add gloss and protection after drying?

To add deep gloss and protection, we recommend using Ceramic Ultra Speed Wax.

What is the difference between doing a prewash with the Foam Gun Prewash and the Neutral Foam Shampoo?

With Foam Gun Prewash, the foam remains compact and adheres to the surface, softening stubborn dirt more easily, while Neutral Foam Shampoo has a high lubrication and dilution capacity of up to 1:400, but a much lower surface adhesion capacity and is therefore not recommended for stubborn dirt.

Why do I need to use 2 buckets?

Because one bucket is used for the water/shampoo solution and the second bucket for clean water only. Every time you wipe the mitt over the panel of your car, first rinse it in the bucket with clean water and then dip it into the bucket with the water and shampoo solution. This will prevent any residue still present on the surface from being moved from one panel to another, which could lead to annoying swirls or scratches.

Why should I wash the car in “sections”?

This is to ensure that the dirt from one section does not move into another section which could then scratch the paintwork.



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