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Marolex Industry Ergo | Acid Resistant Sprayer

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Marolex Industry Ergo | Acid Resistant Sprayer

The Marolex Industry Ergo is an incredibly robust and high quality pump sprayer that can be used for a variety of tasks. This acid resistant pump sprayer, safe for use with alkali chemicals, can be used for anything from auto detailing, industrial or commercial use, pest control, janitorial use, and more!

Unlike most other pump sprayers on the market, Marolex sprayers are built well, meaning if they are knocked over or dropped, they are much less prone to breaking. These sprayers can also handle more pressure, resulting in longer spray times!

Sizes: 1000, 2000, 3000


- Safe for alkali chemicals

- Adjustable spray tip

- Ergonomic handle

- Auto-hold spray function

- 3D flex system allows for spraying sideways or upside down 

- Push-down pressure release valve

- High quality acid resistant seals and o-rings

- Top cap/handle act as storage for extra spray tips 

- Includes 1.0mm (Green) tip and 1.5mm tip


Ergo 1000 Specs:

Total Capacity: 55.82oz (1.6 Liters)

Working Capacity: 33.81 (1 Liter)

Max Pressure: 58 PSI

Weight: 1.10lbs

Height: 10.15"


Ergo 2000 Specs:

Total Capacity: 81.15oz (2.4 Liters)

Working Capacity: 67.62oz (2 Liters)

Max Pressure: 58 PSI

Weight: 1.21lbs

Height: 12.12"


Ergo 3000 Specs:

Total Capacity: 118.34oz (3.5 Liters)

Working Capacity: 101.44oz (3 Liters)

Max Pressure: 58 PSI

Weight: 1.34lbs

Height: 13.38"



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