MTM Hydro 20" Stainless Steel Lance with Quick Connect Fittings


Sale price$49.99


MTM Hydro's Premium 20" Stainless Steel Lance was developed specifically for the car wash and detailing market. This MT3 Lance has a hardened oval grip and includes a bend for cleaning the tops of vehicles, and a boot to protect from overspray. This design was originally part of the 18" gun lance combo, however with more folks demanding ready-to-use products, we now install everything for ease of setup. This Detailing lance arrives as shown with no additional assembly needed. Included in this item are Stainless fittings, retractable boot, and the pre-bent MT3 lance. 


- 15 degree bend

- Quick connect fittings

- Stainless 1/4" QC Plug Inlet / Stainless 1/4" QC Coupler Outlet

- Retractable overspray boot

- Max - 4,100 PSI

- Max - 300° F

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