MTM Hydro SS Pressure Washer Nozzle Set | 4-Pack


Orifice Size: 3.0
Sale price$19.99


MTM Hydro stainless steel QC nozzles offer superior performance and extended life thanks to a refined manufacturing process. These Stainless QC Nozzles are 100% tested for orifice accuracy and degree setting. In addition to the meticulous testing process, MTM Hydro nozzles are manufactured with striations in the stainless steel to securely hold the pressed head of the nozzle and eliminate the possibility of the colored head falling off. All MTM Hydro nozzles are etched along the neck with the degree and size of the nozzle. For reference: 25045 translates to 25° and an orifice size of 4.5


- Premium quality

- 0° , 15° , 25° , 45°

- Color coded tips 

- Refined manufacturing for extended life


Whats Included:

1 - MTM SS Nozzle 4-Pack

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