Nv Lustre + Jet | Extreme Gloss & Hydrophobic Spray Coating Bundle


Size: 1 liter
Sale price$197.99


With this killer combination of two of our top selling products, you will be able to achieve immense levels of gloss, slickness, minor imperfection filling, and those intense hydrophobics we all love with a simply spray and wipe application.

Nova Lustre acts as a base layer providing extreme levels of gloss, sharp reflections, saturation increase, and clarity. Formulated with a blend of Si02 and a unique resin, Lustre also has the ability to fill in minor imperfections, such as light scratches, swirl marks, and hazing, while leaving behind a super slick finish.

Nova Jet is a hydrophobic boosting top layer providing great water beading and self cleaning abilities. Making your washing process a breeze! 

Size Options: 250ml or 1 liter


- Durable UV protection

- Environmental resistance 

- Creates a super slick/low resistance surface

- Extreme hydrophobic behavior

- Up to 6 months of combined durability


Whats Included:

1 - Nv Nova Lustre

1 - Nv Nova Jet

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