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Nv Snow + | Decontamination Car Soap

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Nv Snow + | Decontamination Car Soap

Snow + from Nv is an intensified car shampoo that excels in removing heavy road grime, dirt, and contamination. Snow + is helpful in breaking down old waxes and sealants, yet will not harm Nv Nova series ceramic coatings, and works wonderfully as a periodic coating maintenance soap!

Designed to be more powerful than the traditional Snow formula, yet gentle enough not to harm sensitive surfaces on the exterior of your vehicle. The result is high-foam solution, that like traditional Snow, works extremely well in foam cannons & wash buckets. When used as a pre-soak, this solution forms a thick blanket of foam, which bonds with the paint and begins cleaning without agitation.

This product has been formulated to work flawlessly in conjunction with the Nova series coatings. With a pH 8.1 formulation, Snow + provides exceptional cleaning power. The hydrophobic & oleophobic surface structure of Nv's coatings allows Snow + to rinse off with ease.

This wash solution remains one of our favorite products for decon washes, packed with advanced lubricants for reducing friction, and super effective cleaning abilities that make cleaning heavily soiled cars a more enjoyable experience.

Sizes: 500ml / 1 liter / 1 gallon


- Great for foam cannons & wash buckets.

- Safe for sensitive exterior surfaces.

- 8.1 pH balance.

- Intensified cleaning abilities over standard Snow.

- Infused with advanced lubricants for reduced friction.



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