MTM PF22.2 Professional Foam Cannon

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The MTM PF22 is foam cannon of choice here at Parks Detailing. This unit is durable enough for the professionals, yet user friendly enough for those simply washing on the weekends. This cannon is guaranteed to increase your efficiency, while also saving you money. 

The PF-22 has a patented nozzle chamber with adjustable fan blades, an adjustable spray pattern (vertical or horizontal), an air intake knob that allows for more or less air to be drawn into the chamber, increasing or decreasing the thickness of the foam that it sprays onto your vehicle.

**NOTE** A specific 1/4" Male plug may be required in order to attach the QC plug to the end of some residential pressure washer setups. MTM Hydro 1/4" plugs are standard for industrial use but many residential pressure washers such as Generac, Greenworks, Ryobi, AR Blue Clean, etc... have certain models where the coupler will not receive an MTM plug. Not all of these brands are impacted, just certain models. If you look closely, the Chamfer at the end of an MTM plug as well as the neck is, 1.5mm shorter than some couplers may allow. Once you install the correct plugin your new MTM Foam Cannon, you sill see that it was worth finding this specialized fitting as our foam cannons are second to none, even when manufacturers try to change their fittings!

**NOTE** Foam Cannons do not operate on Pressure Washers that have Flow-Sensing unloaders. Typically, you will have pulsing foam indicating pressure spikes and drops which the flow-sensing unloaders cannot accommodate.



  • 1.25mm/3.5 orifice Installed
  • 1.1mm/3.0 orifice Included
  • Two stainless steel replacement filters Included 

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