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Platinum Potions | Nano Tech Ultra Foam

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Platinum Potions | Nano Tech Ultra Foam

Description: Nano-Tech Ultra-Foam is a premium quality, ultra-high foaming detergent that can be used in any foaming cannon on the market. It produces one of the thickest, clingiest & foamiest foams on the market when used with a high pressure washer & quality foaming cannon. Ultra-Foam has no issue clinging onto ceramic coated paint, it helps loosen, soften & breakdown general road grime on paintwork before moving onto the traditional 2 bucket wash method.

The formulation is super slick & shares the same clever chemistry our Nano Tech Body Cleanse has, meaning its loaded with anti-rust additives, water softeners, pH neutral formulation & on top of that, it fills in microscopic scratches as you foam thanks to its fortified silica content (SiO2) which in return enhances gloss & minimizes the chance of swirls before moving onto hand washing! Ultra-Foam clings to your paintwork for a good amount of time & produces an almost dry like foam that has a ridiculous amount of “crumpet action”.

Nano-Tech Ultra-Foam will not affect any ceramic coatings/sealants or waxes, plastic, rubber & chrome trimmings.

Mixing Ratios for Foaming Cannons & Pressure Washers :

- Ultra-Foam (Heavy Pre-Soak): 100mls Ultra Foam to 900mls Water
- Normal-Foam (Standard Pre-Soak): 50mls Ultra Foam to 950mls Water
- Low Foam (Light Pre-Soak): 25ml Ultra Foam to 975ml Water


  • pH Neutral
  • No Added Salts
  • Ultra-High Foam
  • Super Slick & Thick Suds
  • Super Concentrated Formula
  • Fresh Green Apple Fragrance
  • Loaded with Anti-Rust Additives
  • Hydrophilic Ingredients (water sheeting properties)
  • Deep Cleaning Power For Pre-Washing (before going to a 2 bucket method)



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