Platinum Potions Tropical Splice | Antimicrobial Air Freshener


Size: 500ml
Sale price$17.99


The Scent: Zesty pineapples, a dash of rum, with hints of coconut, we bring you an amazing Piña colada that even the boys in blue may raise an eyebrow.

For decades, you've had to choose between an odor neutralizer (that leaves a musky/nasty smell behind) or an air freshener that only masks the odors for a short period of time.

With Platinum Potions you get the best of both worlds. These Potions contain multiple anti-bacterial & anti-microbial elements that eliminate the source of foul odors at a molecule level. Platinum Potions air fresheners also help fight against many different types of bacteria lingering in your carpets/fabrics & can slow down &/or stop the microbial growth of mould.

Platinum Potions air fresheners are extremely potent, long lasting & most importantly the fragrances do not have an artificial smell. Once dry, Potions do not leave an oily or greasy residue behind & are perfectly safe to use on all types of automotive, aviation, maritime & household carpets, floor mats, fabric upholstery & fabric boot linings.

Some of the stubborn odors Potions eliminate are:

  • Cigarette smoke & ash smell
  • Pet odors
  • Food or beverage spills
  • Mold
  • Vomit (Uber Drivers, we're looking at you)
  • Body Odor
  • Stale milk & coffee
  • Urine

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