ScanGrip Line Light Bonnet C+R | 1400 Lumen LED Strip Light


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The Line Light Bonnet C+R is an amazing SMD LED light for detailers or mechanics working inside engine bays and interiors. The Line Light Bonnet features adjustable telescoping rubberized hook ends, allowing you to safely hang the light from an interior roof, or the underside of a hood. Choose between 2 power settings for the Line Lights 1400 lumen output, as well as the ability to use either battery power, or direct power via the power supply cable. The Bonnet C+R can also be used as a large inspection light, and is easy to carry thanks to its incredibly lightweight design. 


- 1400 lumen output 

- 4 hour battery life

- IK07 shock resistance

- IP65 water & dust resistant 

- 2 power output settings 

- Magnetic & electronic switch

- Weights just 2.2lbs with the included light holder

- Additional ScanGrip mounting accessories available

- Made in Denmark 

Whats Included:

1 - Line Light Bonnet C+R

1 - Line Light Holder with Telescoping Hook Ends

1 - Power Supply Cable

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