ScanGrip MultiMatch 3 | 3,000 Lumen LED Work Light


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The MultiMatch 3 is the ultimate in portable LED lighting for your workspace, with a 3000 lumen output, this light is perfect for paint correction on large areas, painting, as well as color matching. The MultiMatch features CRI 96+ color rendering index for accurate color recognition, an ALL DAYLIGHT function with 5 different color temperature settings, as well as 5 levels of lighting output. Powered by a removable rechargeable battery, or simply by plugging the power supply directly into the light. The MultiMatch lights can be attached to a tripod to create a stand light via the threaded adapter built into the base of the light.

Bluetooth connectivity features allow you to remotely change color temperature, power output, and other useful features, directly from your wireless device while working!


- 3000 lumen output

- 5 different color temperature settings

- ALL DAYLIGHT with 5 adjustable power levels

- Bluetooth connectivity

- CRI 96+ color rendering index

- IK07 shock resistance

- IP67 water & dust resistant

- 1.5 to 15 hour battery life (depending on power level)

- Removable & rechargeable battery pack

- Compatible with ScanGrip tripod

Whats Included:

1 - MultiMatch 3 Light

1 - Rechargeable Battery Pack

1 - Power Bank / Power Supply

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