ScanGrip SunMatch 3 | 500 Lumen LED Auto Detailing Light


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The SunMatch 3 is possibly the best handheld LED detailing light on the market today, making it a must have for professional detailers and bodyshop technicians. With an adjustable output of up to 500 lumens, and CRI+ (Color Rendering Index) this light provides top notch lighting for paint correction, and color accuracy for advanced color matching. The SunMatch 3 is rechargeable, durable, water and dust proof, features a magnetic base with a 180 degree tilting head, and an intelligent heat protection feature to avoid overheating during extended use. Also included with this light is a handy little diffuser cap, to help soften the light output, this cap is great for ceramic coating applications to help with high-spot visibility.


- 2 power levels (250 & 500 lumens)

- 5 color temperature settings

- CRI+ color rendering index

- 180 degree tilting head & magnetic base

- Folding hook for hanging

- 4 hour battery life with front battery life indicator 

- Solvent-resistant glass 

- IP65 Water & dust proof

- Top-mounted inspection light (200 lumen)

Whats Included:

1 - ScanGrip SunMatch 3

1 - Diffuser cap 

1 - Charging base

1 - Charging cable & charging block

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