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ShineMate 'Spot Polishing' Wool Pad 1/2/3"

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ShineMate 'Spot Polishing' Wool Pad 1/2/3"

About this product

A smaller size pad range to help get into tighter areas when polishing.

The Shine Mate Pad Series has the enthusiast and professional detailer at heart. Their new spot polishing range takes care of the finer details with a series of 1inch, 2inch and 3inch pads. The pads are a combination of wool, foam and microfiber varying in correcting and finessing abilities.

Wool Pad  - The Wool Pad in the Shine Mate range is for aggressive cutting, the short nap of the wool fibres allow corrective effectiveness on both Rotary and DA machines

Microfiber Pad - The Microfiber Pad is a versatile corrective pad that cut and finish extremely well depending on the compound choice

Green Foam - This foam pad is a heavier, firm foam style, that can remove heavy defects. Compounding with this pad will need refining.

Blue Foam - This foam pad is a light cutting pad, which can remove moderate to heavy defects that works well when coupled with a cutting or 'one step' compound. 

Orange Foam - This foam pad is a great all round polishing pad, great for finishing on harder european paints and one stepping on softer paints.

Red Foam - This foam pad is an ultra soft finishing pad, great for removing minor haze or swirling. Great for jeweling and bringing up the gloss in the paintwork. 



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