Single Bucket Washing Package


Dirt Lock Color: Black
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"What? Clear buckets? Why?"

We'll tell you why - because the contamination you can't see in your bucket, is the contamination that threatens your otherwise swirl-free, fresh, and glossy clear coat. Clear buckets provide a transparent view as to what's coming off your paint, rather than blindly re-introducing dirt back onto the surface and swirling/scratching as a result of contaminated water.

Pressure-fitted Dirt Locks ensure that your rinse water and soap buckets remain free of debris, by trapping dirt that settles to bottom of your bucket underneath a one-way Venturi funnel design. Color coding can be used to decipher which bucket is your wash solution, and rinse bucket.

Grit Guard bucket dollies allow for effortless movement of your buckets around your vehicle, reducing the amount of walking/squatting involved with rinsing out your mash mitts. Each bucket dolly includes 5 wheels, 2 of which include robust brakes to prevent them rolling down your driveway or breaking free in your detailing shop. Screw-in bucket anchors hold your bucket in place on the dolly, allowing you to pick up your bucket and dolly as one, for quick and easy transportation.

What's Included:

1 - 18 Quart Transparent Ghost Bucket

1 - Black Grit Guard Bucket Dolly (Red wheels & bucket anchors)

1 - Dirt Lock Insert

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