STEK Formula 05 Foam | Car Foam Shampoo


Size: 500ml
Sale price$23.00


STEK Formula Foam is an ultra-refined shampoo designed to produce the thickest, stickiest foam to effortlessly remove contaminants. Powerful hyper-surfactants lift grime and dirt from the surface, trapping them inside bubbles that glide off the car after an easy rinse. Its pH balance makes it safe to use on your protective sealants or ceramic coatings. STEK Formula Foam is meant for use in a foam gun, or foam cannon at a 1:10 dilution ratio (1 part Foam to 10 parts water) prior to hand washing with Formula Shampoo.


- Foaming car shampoo

- Superior long-lasting foam

- Safe for PPF, sealants, and ceramic coatings

- pH balanced 

-Concentrated formula

Dilution Ratio:

Foam cannon/gun: 1:10

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