STEK Formula 09 Iron | Iron Remover


Size: 500ml
Sale price$23.00


STEK Formula Iron eliminates hard to remove iron deposits and brake dust, neutralizing any corrosive agents that could permanently damage your vehicles clear coat. Without proper care, these metal contaminants can leave behind heavy rust, cause sealants and ceramic coatings to fail pre-maturely, and cause scratching during hand washes. This fast-acting formula, which turns violet once the reaction is completed, is safe to use on wheels and painted surfaces thanks to its pH balance. Once you begin seeing violet colored specs or streaks on your vehicles paint, simply rinse off with a healthy amount of water! 

*Iron removers should be used with extreme caution on hot panels, or sunny environments. Do not allow Formula Iron to dry onto any surface* 


- Breaks down iron particles

- Safe for paint and wheels

- Contains anti-rust agents

- Fast-acting

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