STEK Formula 14 Fusion | PPF-Safe All-in-One Polish


Size: 500ml
Sale price$47.00


STEK Formula Fusion is an all-in-one enhanced cleanser, glaze, and hydrophobic coating for paint, PPF, and glass! Fusion is free of harsh abrasives and solvents and restores depth and clarity to the vehicle’s paintwork or PPF by removing oxidation, light water spotting, etching or staining from bugs and harsh weather, and even fine scratches. This proprietary formula also adds a hydrophobic coat to the vehicle, resulting in excellent water repellency.


- Non-abrasive cleanser for paint, PPF, and glass

- Restores depth and shine

- Removes water spotting, etching, oxidation, and fine scratches

- Leaves behind a hydrophobic surface

- Safe for all types of paint protection films

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