STEK FORMULA 16 Finish | PPF Quick Detailer Concentrate

Size: 500 ML
Sale price$28.00


STEK FORMULA FINISH is the ultimate quick detailer designed to add maximum shine and advanced layers of protection for the vehicle's paintwork. Nano-polymers work to shield the paint from harmful UV rays while also acting as a protective sealant. Our proprietary formula also adds a hydrophobic coat to your vehicle giving it excellent water repellency. Used wet or dry, this QD is a great choice for those looking to put a finishing touch on their vehicle. This formula is also safe and effective to be used on PPF to maintain and keep the shine and gloss with extra coating. 

This product is a concentrate and is meant to be diluted

 Purpose Finish Water 
Wipe-less Spray Wax  1 1
Quick Detailer (Dark Color) 1 4
Quick Detailer (White Color) 1 3
Top Coating Maintainer (PPF) 3 7

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