STEK Formula 19 Cure | Windshield Film Aftercare Solution


Size: 500ml
Sale price$37.99


STEK Formula Cure is a premium aftercare solution used to keep windshield films such as STEK DYNOflex in peak condition. In addition to removing small scratches and contaminants, this formula’s specialized ingredients work to enhance film hydrophobicity. With CURE, enjoy easy maintenance and long-lasting clarity.


- Hydrophobic

- Helps remove light scratching in windshield film

- Easy to use

How to apply:

- Spray a generous amount of solution on the windshield surface.

- Spray enough solution on scratches such that the area is completely covered.

- Wait at least 3 minutes for the solution to be completely absorbed. Waiting time will vary according to the depth of the scratches.

- Wipe off all solution residue with a clean microfiber cloth.

- To restore scratches and maintain surface slickness, we recommend repeating the above process once a month.

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