STEK Formula Oil-X | Intensive Glass Residue Remover


Size: 100ml


STEK Formula Oil-X quickly dissolves and removes oily residues from any glass surface. This solution works to eliminate thin layers of oil, which can accumulate over time from the road, hands, or leftover polishes and waxes that are improperly applied. By leaving behind a clean surface, Oil-X guarantees the strongest bond possible between the glass and future coatings or windshield films.


- Removes oils from glass

- Allows for a stronger bond between glass and coatings

- Easy to use

How to use Formula Oil-X

- On a semi-wet glass surface, apply solution using an applicator.

- Gently rub surface using the supplied applicator to remove contaminants.

- Remove left over Oil-X with a microfiber towel.

Using a Dual-Action Polisher:

- Apply solution to a fine microfiber or foam pad.

- Gently polish the surface using a maximum speed of 2000 rpm.

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