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STEK Formula | PPF Maintenance Essentials Kit

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STEK Formula | PPF Maintenance Essentials Kit

With this PPF Maintenance Essentials Kit you will be able to safely care for your vehicle equipped with any brand of paint protection film. STEK Formula is manufactured by one of the leading paint protection film developers, STEK Automotive. This means every product is specially formulated, tested, and safe for use on paint protection films as well as all types of paintwork!

Formula 05 Foam - A pH balanced concentrated snow foam for use in a foam cannon. Dilute to the recommended ratio and cover your vehicle in a blanket of foam that will help to break down dirt and grime before the hand washing process.

Formula 06 Shampoo - A pH balanced concentrate car wash shampoo for use in your wash bucket. Shampoo diluted in your wash bucket will provided excellent lubricity and cleaning power for the hand washing process, while reducing the risk of marring or scratching!

Formula 07 Bug - Specially formulated spray that breaks down proteins found in heavy bug splatter and bird droppings. Safe for use on paint, PPF, and glass.

Formula 14 Fusion - All-in-one hydrophobic PPF cleansing polish. Restores depth and clarity, while removing water spotting, oxidation, and staining, on your paint protection film, or windshield film! Fusion can be used with both a machine, or hand polishing technique.

Formula 16 Finish - A concentrated Si02 quick detailer for paint and PPF. Adding maximum shine, water beading, and layers of UV protection to your vehicles surfaces. Finish can be applied to a wet or dry vehicle, and also acts as a great ceramic coating maintenance topper! Dilute Finish to the ratio required for your specific needs, then spray and wipe off.

*All bottles are 500ml variants*

What's Included:

1 - Formula 05 Foam

1 - Formula 06 Shampoo

1 - Formula 07 Bug

1 - Formula 16 Finish

1 - Formula 14 Fusion



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