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STEK Formula Quartz | Warrantied Professional Paint & Film Ceramic Coating

STEK Formula Quartz | Warrantied Professional Paint & Film Ceramic Coating


STEK Formula Quartz and the associated 5 year warranty are only available for purchase by qualified professional businesses

STEK Formula Quartz is a premium ceramic coating designed to keep your vehicles painted surface protected from environmental contaminants, while enhancing your paints color and gloss. STEK Quartz uses high-quality raw materials to ensure glass like clarity, a rich darkening effect to create deep gloss, and sharp reflections, as well as incredible water beading and self-cleaning. 

Quartz is designed to penetrate directly into your vehicles clear coat, and specifically into the top-coat of STEK paint protection films, this ensures the strongest long-term bond and performance. Formula Quartz is compatible for use with STEK paint protection films, paint, glass, wheels, and even trim!

Size: 25ml

Coating Durability: 5 Years (Warranty Backed)

What's Included:

1 - STEK Formula Quartz Coating Formula (25ml)

1 - Suede Applicator Cloth (4-Pack)

1 - Foam/Suede Applicator Block

1 - STEK Anti-lint Microfiber Removal Towel (White)

1 - STEK Formula Quartz 5-Year Warranty Card

1 - STEK Formula Quartz Associated User Manual



- Remove Formula Quartz from its packaging and shake well.

- Wrap application cloth around the provided foam block.

- Apply a liberal amount of product to the suede application cloth.

- Apply in manageable sections using a cross-hatch pattern for proper coverage.

- Quartz has a thick viscosity, and will spread very easily.

- For the best performance, and longevity, STEK recommends using a healthy amount of coating. So don't be afraid to use the whole bottle on one vehicle.

- Do not overwork the product.

- Quartz is very user friendly with a forgiving flash time.

- Level Formula Quartz with the provided coating removal towel.

- Although it is not necessary, Formula Quartz can be layered up to 2 times, allowing 3 hours between coats.



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