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Bundle and save with our Wash Essentials Kit! Here at Parks Detailing, these core items are the foundation of our standard wash process. Nv Snow is an effective PH balanced soap which can be used in both wash buckets or foam cannons depending upon the dilution ratio. This soap has incredible lubrication and is safe for waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings. Our KLIN Softy Series Mitt is an extremely soft, and easy to use wash mitt. This Mitt does a fantastic job of removing contaminants and dirt with minimal pressure on your paint, subsequently mitigating the risk of harming your paint. Last but not least, the KLIN drying duo (M) is the ultimate drying towel for concluding your wash process. The entire drying duo range is super plush, yet absorbent drying towel that meets the hype. Unlike other premium drying towels, the KLIN Large Drying Towel does not have edges that are prone to snag and degrade over time.


Kit Includes:

1 Nv Snow 500 ml

1 KLIN Softy Series Mitt 

1 KLIN Drying Duo (Medium)

Red kit includes red mitt and red drying duo

Navy Kit includes black mitt and navy drying duo