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This wheel cleaning kit was designed as an all in one wheel care kit. If you are passionate about wheel care, it is essential that you have the right tools for the job. The foundation of every wheel cleaning kit is a dependable and effective wheel cleaner. Nv Purge is a reactive wheel cleaner that effortlessly breaks down iron, dirt, and brake dust. When dealing with excessive contamination, the KLIN Green Monster, and Gyeon Wheel Brush allow you to agitate the debris as the Nv Purge begins to break down contaminates. The Green Monster is a powerful microfiber wheel cleaning towel, while the Gyeon Wheel Brush ensures you are able to access hard to reach areas such as wheel barrels. 

Once your wheel is clean, use your KLIN Tire Applicator and Nv Onyx to achieve an OEM sheen. Nv Onyx is a hydrophobic satin tire gloss that does not leave behind any greasy or oily residue. This fantastic product will not only offer a stunning aesthetic, but it will also leave your tires cleaner longer.

For exceptional results, it is recommended that you clean your tires with American Detailer Garage F-Bomb 1:4, prior to applying Nv Onyx *not included*


Kit Includes:

NV Purge 500 ml 

Nv Onyx 500 ml

KLIN Tire Applicator 

Gyeon Q2M Wheel Brush 

FREE Green Monster