Wheel & Brake Caliper Coating Package

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This wheel & brake caliper coating package is a simple, yet effective combination of some of our favorite products. Nv Nova Wheel is our go to coating for wheels and calipers. With this coating, wheels are protected from brake dust, dirt, and iron build up. Nova Wheel's high temperature resistance and incredible gloss are undeniable, and will make cleaning your wheels significantly easier. Additionally, we also included a few of our favorite KLIN products. KLIN Finger Applicators for precise coating application. And the KLIN Clean towels, which are great for Clarity wipe down as well as coating removal!

It is crucial to perform a deep cleaning of wheels before applying a coating, including removal of any tar/rubber, as well as iron removal/clay for older dirty wheels. See our Wheel & Tire Cleaning package as well as our Decon Essentials package!


All packages save 10% over regular priced items!


Kit Includes: 

1 - Nv Nova Wheel 20ml

1 - Nv Clarity 500ml

1 - KLIN Clean Towel (10-Pack)

2 - KLIN Microfiber Finger Applicator

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