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Labocosmetica - HYDRA - Hyper Dressing Sealant - 500ml

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Labocosmetica - HYDRA - Hyper Dressing Sealant - 500ml


#HYDRA is a Hyper dressing multifunctional with a broad spectrum of use, specific for external plastics and interior of the car. Easy to spread and to apply, characterized by excellent coverage, it guarantees excellent resistance to chemical washout. Its polymeric matrix guarantees a duration of about 3 months on surfaces, protecting them from UV rays which we damage rubbers, plastics, vinyl and leather, reviving the color without greasing when washed.

#HYDRA resists stains, effectively repelling water and dirt, ensuring very high protection and an excellent beading effect. It is water-based, does not contain solvents and respects surfaces: even at the end of its life cycle, it does not release residues and does not whiten the plastic parts. Researched, developed and tested in depth by the Mafra laboratories in collaboration with the most prestigious sports car manufacturers in the world.



Apply #HYDRA on a previously clean and degreased surface in particular on external plastics and tires, depending on the preferred dilution with the help of a sponge or microfiber applicator pad.

Spread the product homogeneously on the area to be treated and then with a cloth microfiber dry remove excess finishing the surface . Depending on the degree of gloss and protection chosen, it will be possible to obtain it by diluting the product. #HYDRA , unlike competing products in gel format, is a fluid that allows maximum spreadability and penetration into micropores.

Very easy to apply , extremely concentrated and high yield, #HYDRA is particularly versatile because it can be used pure at dilution 1: 5 depending on the level of protection and shine to be obtained . The second layer further strengthens the effect of the first.

To get more shine on the tires, spray #HYDRA on the shoulder of the rubber and let it dry.



Spray the undiluted or diluted solution on the part and apply it to the surface








Keep out of the reach of children



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