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The all new MMM Electric Sprayer is here! A sprayer designed specifically for use in the window tinting, PPF, and detailing industry. This 2L sprayer delivers a consistent output without the need to pump up your traditional sprayer every couple of minutes, and will operate for days off of a single charge. Unlike most of the sprayers we have tested that spring leaks when filled with hot water, the MMM sprayer can hold hot water for up to an hour! These sprayers are rechargeable via universal micro USB charging port, and feature an easy on/off power button and LCD battery indicator.

These sprayers are built to be an effective tool for applying window tint, paint protection film, and other detailing purposes where water is required. Especially hot water! 

*Please note that the MMM sprayer is not designed for use with acids or strong cleaners such as, strong APC dilutions, wheel cleaners, adhesive removers, etc.*

Size: 1/2 Gallon (2 Liters)


- Holds hot water up to 1 hour

- Last for days off a single charge

- High-speed micro motor

- 180° adjustable nozzle tip

- Filtered

- LCD battery indicator 

- Universal micro USB charging port (charger included)

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