MTM Acqualine 316 Stainless 20" Bent Lance w/ SS QC's

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This lance was engineered specifically to be paired with the MTM SGS35 Spray Gun. It can be adapted to other MTM spray gun solutions.

This Acqualine bent lance has been the most ergonomically pleasing addition to our pressure washing setup. Not only does it hold up to daily use (and in some cases, abuse), but the vented and insulated grip is more comfortable and weighs significantly less than most others we've experimented with. It may not seem like this makes a great deal of difference, but at the end of a long day of detailing, our arms and wrists would beg to differ.

You want a 20 degree bent lance because it prevents you from having to angle the nozzle of the gun with your shoulders or wrists; it's also incredibly useful with wheel wells and other intricate areas. This spray angle also allows water to be "pushed" off the surface, taking debris with it and making your washing & rinsing process that much simpler.

The Acqualine series is manufactured with high grade AISI 316 Stainless for added corrosion resistance and zero leeching of hard metals into potable water. The vented blue lance is BPA free and allows you to use either hot or cold water, unique to the Acqualine series. Vented lances are also a fraction of the weight when compared to a traditional molded grip lance leading to longer cleaning times less fatigue.

Engineering overview:

  • 1/4" male Coupler x 1/4" female QD, factory-sealed with Loctite perfectly adapted for plug & play integrated with the SGS35 Spray Gun
  • AISI 316 stainless steel & food grade (BPA free) vented grip
  • Max pressure - 5,000 PSI
  • Max flow rate - 12 GPM
  • Max consistent water temperature - 320° F

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