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Our Wheel & Tire Package is composed of only the best essentials for cleaning your wheels and tires. The foundation of every wheel cleaning kit is an effective wheel cleaner, Nv Purge is a reactive wheel cleaner that effortlessly breaks down iron, dirt, and brake dust. For the tires we like to use Gyeon Tire Cleaner, along with the Gyeon Tire Brush, to effectively scrub away all the built up road grime and oils on your tires. Combine the cleaning power of Nv Purge with the Gyeon Wheel Brush, Klin Softy Series Mini Pads, and Carscope UK Detailing brushes, you can easily remove built up contaminates in those hard to reach areas on any type of wheel. We also include one of our favorite products, the Carscope UK Tire Dressing Brush, along side Nv Onyx Satin Tire Dressing for the perfect finishing touch!

The Carscope UK Detailing brushes can also be used for cleaning exterior cracks and jambs, and interiors! 


All packages save 10% over regular priced items!

Kit Includes:

1 - NV Purge Wheel Cleaner 500ml 

1 - Gyeon Q2M Tire Cleaner 1000ml

1 - Gyeon Q2M Wheel Brush 

1 - Gyeon Tire Brush

1 - NV Onyx Satin Tire Dressing 500ml

1 - KLIN Softy Series Mini Pads (2-Pack)

1 - Carscope UK Premium Detailing Brushes (2-Pack)

1 - Carscope UK Tire Dressing Applicator

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