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Bundle and save with our Glass Sealant Package. Our glass sealant package includes everything necessary to complete a glass sealant application to your automotive glass. The included glass sealant, Anglewax H2GO, is designed to contend with even the most tenacious rain on the planet. H2GO is formulated to create a hydrophobic coating on glass surfaces. This coating will push of all water from the glasswork. Angelwax H2GO will last for up to six months. 

Package Includes:

1 Angelwax Vision 

1 Angelwax H2GO 100 ml 

1 KLIN Glass Shine 

1 KLIN Dual Side (2 pack)

1 KLIN Zero Finish Large Applicator

1 KLIN Zero Finish Small Applicator 


1. Thoroughly clean your glass with Angel Vision and your KLIN Glass Shine 

2. Spray Angelwax H2GO onto your KLIN Applicator of Choice

3. Apply to glass in circular motions until the entire surface has been treated

4. Leave to cure for 10-15 minutes or until a haze appears on the glass

5. Use your KLIN Dual Side towel to remove haze