American Detailer Garage Wipeout Fuzion | Foaming Wash Concentrate


Size: 32oz
Sale price$32.99


ADG Wipeout Fuzion Blends modern chemistry to create a wash solution that can be used for various purposes! This unique product relies on special lubricating polymers, blended with surface surfactants, to offer users a variety of options for your detailing process.

Wipeout Fuzion can be used as a foaming soap in a foam cannon, a rinse-free wash solution, clay lubricant, interior detailer, and more! Simply follow the recommended dilution ratios for your specific needs! 

Size: 32oz


Dilution Ratios: 

Rinse-Free Wash  -  256:1

Glass Cleaner  -  128:1

Interior Cleaner  -  32:1

Quick Detailer  -  32:1

Clay Lubricant  -  10:1

Foam Cannon  -  Full Strength

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