American Detailer Garage F-Bomb | All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

Size: 32 Ounce
Sale price$19.99


Everyone has dropped the occasional or not-so-occasional F-bomb while working on their vehicles or challenging customer vehicles. Why not make it useful?

You know what's really annoying? Stubborn dirt, bugs and road grime. That's where it's really time to drop a particular type of F-Bomb; the potent and flexible all purpose cleaner from American Detailer Garage.

Many all purpose cleaners are simply watered down to make them cost effective; the average maximum dilution ratio for popular APC's is around 10:1. F-Bomb blows these out of the water, allowing for a maximum dilution ratio by about 3 times that rate at 32:1. This stuff is quite simply the most powerful APC we've encountered in our years of testing different solutions from even the most popular detailing brands.

Use it to remove stubborn brown tire oxidation or grease on under-hood components. Let it chew through bugs and road grime as a paint pre-soak. Use it to remove even the most resilient stains on plastics, trim and even leather and upholstery. At Parks Detailing, we even use it as a sanding lubricant because it's so slick at 32:1.

Suggested Dilution Ratios:

Usage Case Parks' Recommended Dilution Ratio
 Tires + Engine Bay 4:1
Paint Pre-Soak/Bug Removal 10:1
Interior Plastic, Trim + Vinyl 10:1
Leather + Upholstery  20:1
Wet Sanding Lubrication 32:1 


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