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STEK Formula Quartz | 7-Pack Bulk Installer Kit

STEK Formula Quartz | 7-Pack Bulk Installer Kit


Save 60% with this 7 bottle Formula Quartz Kit!

The STEK Formula Quartz Bulk Installer Kit is designed for shops or individuals who will be installing Formula Quartz on a regular basis. This kit comes with 7 bottles of Formula Quartz and warranty cards. Extra warranty cards can be supplied upon request for those installing Formula Quartz on film jobs only (non full body coating jobs) This kit does NOT include STEK Microfiber towels, or applicator blocks. 

STEK Formula Quartz is a premium ceramic coating designed to keep your vehicles painted surface protected from environmental contaminants, while enhancing your paints color and gloss. Formula Quartz uses high-quality raw materials to ensure glass like clarity, rich darkening effects to create deep gloss and sharp reflections, as well as incredible water beading and self-cleaning. 

Quartz is designed to penetrate directly into your vehicles clear coat, and specifically into the top-coat of STEK paint protection films, this ensures the strongest long-term bond and performance. Formula Quartz is compatible for use with STEK paint protection films, paint, glass, wheels, and even trim!

Size: 7 Bottles (25ml)

Coating Durability: 5 Years (Warranty Backed)

What's Included:

7 - STEK Formula Quartz Coating Formulas (25ml Each)

7 - STEK Formula Quartz Warranty Cards


- Remove Formula Quartz from its packaging and shake well.

- Wrap application cloth around the provided foam block.

- Apply a liberal amount of product to the suede application cloth.

- Apply in manageable sections using a cross-hatch pattern for proper coverage.

- Quartz has a thick viscosity, and will spread very easily.

- For the best performance, and longevity, STEK recommends using a healthy amount of coating. So don't be afraid to use the whole bottle on one vehicle.

- Do not overwork the product.

- Quartz is very user friendly with a forgiving flash time.

- Level Formula Quartz with the provided coating removal towel.

- Although it is not necessary, Formula Quartz can be layered up to 2 times, allowing 3 hours between coats.



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